Energy Career Magazine

U.S. Energy Media Staff

Spring 2024

Comprehensive Analysis

Opportunities and Growth in Upstream Oil and Gas: A Comprehensive Analysis for 2024 and Beyond

As 2024 unfolds, the upstream oil and gas sector is witnessing transformative growth and new opportunities. Technological innovations, increased investments, and strategic partnerships drive the industry forward despite the challenges of a dynamic global energy market. Stakeholders continuously adapt to the evolving landscape, leveraging digitalization, automation, and sustainability advancements to...

New Frontiers

Exploring New Frontiers: Countries Entering the Crude Oil Export Market

As the world factbook pages turn, a new chapter emerges in the global energy saga. With countries' export ambitions evolving, the crude oil import market witnesses fresh faces aspiring to challenge the exports from OPEC. Amidst this backdrop, a particular nation stands as a beacon of oil export mastery: Saudi...

Sustainable Practices

The Rise of Sustainable Practices in Oil and Gas Extraction

The oil and gas industry stands at a pivotal juncture where a surge in sustainable practices redefines traditional energy production approaches. As concerns over climate change intensify, the sector recognizes that the future hinges on balancing energy demands with ecological stewardship. This article dives into the transformative strategies that have...

Revitalizing Aging Infrastructure

Revitalizing Aging Infrastructure: Modern Approaches to Upgrading Oil Refineries

The landscape of energy production is witnessing a transformative change, with oil refineries at the forefront of adopting modern approaches. These refineries strive to balance cost efficiency with environmental responsibility, exploring ways to reduce emissions such as sulfur dioxide. Innovations are not without their advantages and disadvantages, but the drive...

Dick Stoneburner

Dick Stoneburner Draws Upon Rock Solid Career to Bring Success

Like major league baseball and the Hall of Fame, the oil and gas industry houses its share of standouts. While some pursue a one-directional path, others populate multiple facets of the industry and use their experience gained and knowledge cached to swing a heavy bat. That can indeed be said...

Unleashing the Plan B: It's More Than a Backup Plan

Unleashing the Plan B: It’s More Than a Backup Plan

At some point, those who have traversed the rough waters of career longevity have experienced layoffs and cutbacks. Suddenly, being thrust into the world of unemployment leaves a highly uncomfortable and nerve-wracking feeling that must be endured while seeking new employment. For most, securing employment is the first step of...

Virtual Reality Job Training for Continued Education

Virtual Reality Job Training for Continued Education

As the energy industry evolves, securing qualified talent to maintain efficient operations despite structural-demographic issues continues to be a challenge for employers. While jobs across the industry continue to grow, they also continue to outpace the qualified labor available to support them. In addition to this inverse demand and supply...

Offshore Platform

Innovations in Offshore Platform Technology: Pioneering Progress in Engineering and Energy

The global energy landscape is undergoing a transformative change, with technological advancements at the forefront of this evolution. Particularly, innovative technologies in the offshore sector are addressing unique challenges, such as high wind speeds and harsh marine environments, to harness energy more efficiently and sustainably. These technological breakthroughs are not...