How SOL-X Solution Reduces Heat Stress Risks at Industrial Worksites – Part 3

SOL-X provides a comprehensive system designed for companies to reduce heat stress risks at their industrial worksites. 

  1. Protects Workers and Employees

Preparing for the Future of Climate Change How SOL-X’s Heat Stress Detection Solution is Leading the WaySOL-X’s wearable technology, specifically the SmartWatch, is key to helping individual workers manage heat stress. This device monitors a worker’s exposure to heat in their work zone and sends preemptive alerts when heat index levels reach dangerous levels, prompting them to take a break and hydrate.

The watch also has a “Crew Assist” feature that enables workers to alert their supervisor and provide location information if they feel unwell due to heat. This is a potentially lifesaving feature, especially for workers working alone in isolated areas​. 

  1. Empowers Businesses and Employers

Our technology blends Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create Worker Well-Being Reports. These reports help with targeted control measures, such as workload management and assignment of PPE to specific employees. In particular, the Heat Stress Report provides a summary of heat exposure alerts experienced by workers, facilitating easy identification of high-risk zones that may require infrastructure improvements, such as water fountains or dehumidifiers.

In addition, businesses can rely on insights from the Heat Stress Report to optimize their worker wellness programs to further mitigate heat stress risks.

  1. Promotes Compliance with Government & International Standards

Heat stress is recognized as an occupational safety and health (OSHA) hazard by various regulatory bodies and international organizations. As temperatures rise, governments will be raising labor standards and establishing rules and regulations to manage the risks of working under extreme heat.

SOL-X’s system can help businesses comply with these standards, particularly as rising temperatures may lead to stricter regulations. The digital nature of SOL-X’s system ensures easy documentation of heat stress prevention efforts, thereby facilitating compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.

Preparing for the Future of Climate Change: How SOL-X’s Heat Stress Detection Solution is Leading the Way

The SOL-X Connected Worker Health and Safety Solution is proactively tackling the mounting challenge of heat stress in industrial workspaces amid climate change. By relying on AI and IIoT technologies, we have created comprehensive systems that empower businesses and individuals to manage heat stress factors. This includes wearable technology for near real-time monitoring and alerts, data-driven reports for targeted interventions, and digital documentation for compliance assurance. Through the SOL-X Connected Worker Health and Safety Solution, Magellan X is innovating in the face of climate change and setting a promising precedent for the future of industrial safety.

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