Magellan X Unveils the SOL-X SmartWatch’s Latest Features, Adding a New Dimension to Worker Safety

Singapore – Magellan X announces that the SOL-X SmartWatch, an ATEX certified safety smartwatch, will have three new features. The new features – Broadcast Message, Noise Monitoring and Fall Detection – will amplify the benefits of SmartWatch in providing a safe and secure work environment. The Annex contains illustrations of the SOL-X SmartWatch’s new features.

One of the world’s first intrinsically safe smartwatches, SOL-X takes industrial safety up a notch by providing a connected worker platform. The existing features of the product include heart rate and heat stress monitoring, GeoFencing, Crew Assist and more. This SOL-X solution is also compatible with major connectivity protocols such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Long Range Bluetooth.

“At Magellan X, we are committed to providing a solution that ensures safety by anticipating incidents and accidents. We continue to innovate on our connected worker platform and the new features will further improve situational awareness for workers and operational visibility for supervisors on site.” says Alister Leong, Chief Product Officer of Magellan X.

New features

1) Broadcast Message
Timely communication is key to ensuring that operations are performed effectively without compromising the safety of workers. The SOL-X solution now has a broadcast message feature in the new release which enables users to pass and receive critical information in a timely and accurate manner to mitigate the effects of serious accidents and efficiently conduct emergency drills, mustering etc. Supervisors in control rooms can send broadcast messages through a dashboard which will then be communicated to the workers on their SmartWatches.

2) Noise Monitoring and Alerts
Organizations maintain Noise Survey Reports to monitor noise exposure levels at the worksite. Magellan X has simplified this process by introducing a Noise Monitoring feature in the SOLX SmartWatch. The SmartWatch will measure noise levels 4 times per hour and the data can be used to provide noise level readings for Noise Surveys. An alert is triggered when the noise levels are consistently high and workers who are exposed to such damaging levels can take precautions.

3) Fall Detection
Falling from height is a major contributor of critical injuries at worksites regardless of industry. SOL-X’s Fall detection feature sends a message to the Dashboard when a fall is detected in near real-time. The message displays the identity of the worker and their last known location for the supervisors to respond accordingly in a timely manner, potentially reducing the escalation of the harm inflicted.

About Magellan X
Magellan X specializes in developing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) technologies, for the oil and gas, mining, chemicals, and maritime sectors. We are backed by MISC and BCG Digital Ventures. Magellan X’s technology solutions address ESG needs of our clients and better position them to achieve their sustainability goals through IIoT solutions that accurately capture near real time data streams and produce analysis using artificial intelligence.

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