RPS Solutions ‘Mission: Possible’ Exhibit to Unveil Revolutionary Safety Workwear at 2023 UTA/OSHA Oil & Gas HSE Conference

RPS Solutions ‘Mission: Possible’ Exhibit to Unveil Revolutionary Safety Workwear at 2023 UTA/OSHA Oil & Gas HSE Conference

HOUSTON, TX – RPS Solutions, a leader in PPE and FR apparel with 25+ years servicing oil and gas industries, is set to showcase its latest advancements at the 2023 UTA/OSHA Oil and Gas HSE Conference from November 28-29. Attendees will experience the revolutionary new FlexShock™ 3D Print Level 3 Impact Gloves and the game-changing GridLock™ FR fabric technology.

At the Hilton Americas-Houston event, RPS will present two cutting-edge products that redefine safety standards: new FlexShock™ 3D Print Level 3 Impact Gloves, in partnership with Tech 21, are the world’s first 3D printed industrial glove designed for durability, comfort, and dexterity, while exceeding Level 3 Impact Rating standards. With hand and finger crush injuries being the number one oil/gas lost time incidents, this technology is game-changing to enhancing companies’ ability to get workers home, the same way they came to work—healthy and whole.

RPS will also re-introduce the GridLock™ 5.4 oz Breathable FR Fabric, an integral part of the CrudeFR line, known for its remarkable heat stress reduction properties and compliance with stringent safety certifications. Heat stress solutions should not be made in the comfort of air-conditioned offices, rather by trying this revolutionary FR garment for yourself in field temps of +100 degrees.

RPS booth 401 “Mission: Possible. Decoding Classified Safety Technology of the Future”, promises an immersive experience with high-tech exhibits and a chance to connect directly with RPS movers-and-shakers.

Tyneal Buckner, Chief Customer Officer, states, “We are elevating the PPE experience, merging safety with cutting-edge technology to meet the rigorous demands of oil and gas professionals.”

Josh Pridmore, Chief Operations Manager, adds, “Our operational efficiency and dedicated production timelines set us apart, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled service and 3-11 business day delivery.”
Founders David Foster and Ronnie Bilbo, with their Texas roots and commitment to innovation and customer relationships, embody the ethos that has driven RPS to excel for over 30 years.


Since 1989, RPS Manufacturing Solutions has been at the forefront of providing FACTORY-DIRECT innovative PPE to industries such as oil and gas, mining, and more. With a client-focused approach and a dedicated production team, RPS excels in delivering safety solutions efficiently and effectively.

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