Stratagraph Launches New Wellbore Placement Service With First Directional Rentals

Stratagraph Launches New Wellbore Placement Service With First Directional Rentals

LAFAYETTE, La. – Stratagraph, a leader in geological services to the oil and gas industry for over 60 years, announces the launch of their latest subsidiary, Stratagraph Wellbore Placement. Stratagraph and the company entity, Stratagraph Geosteering, have once again added another set of services to strengthen the overall portfolio of the enterprise. The Stratagraph corporation has teamed up with First Directional Rentals to provide outstanding services and technology in wellbore placement through the combined services of Mudlogging, Geosteering, MWD tools, and Directional Drilling. Stratagraph Wellbore Placement will allow the company to provide a full array of services to clients in a customizable format and ensure better project execution in drilling a well. The launch of this new segment of the business complements the existing list of amenities provided by Stratagraph, including Wellsite Geological Services, Geosteering, Geochemistry, Production/Completion Chemicals, Unmanned Gas Detection, and more.

By putting together the components that make up Stratagraph Wellbore Placement, the team is driven for better communication, flawless project execution, and better wellbore placement. Services on the geological side of drilling, like Mudlogging and Geosteering, will be provided by Stratagraph’s highly experienced personnel, who are dedicated to providing outstanding geological services. The directional side of the package, like Directional Drilling and MWD tools, will be powered by First Directional Rentals. First Directional Rentals has been a strong player in the Directional Drilling and MWD industry with over 35 years of industry experience. First Directional provides proven and reliable MWD technology, paired with some of the best minds in the industry, to produce efficient directional drilling services. Together, all of these services sit under one roof, through Stratagraph Wellbore Placement. The efforts of this new service package will ensure efficient project execution throughout downhole operations. The combination of these services reduces communication issues, increases more collaborative efforts, provides more effective planning, better data, and ultimately creates better wellbore placement.

William Hagan, Stratagraph’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “I’m thrilled to announce this new package to the oil and gas industry. The Stratagraph family has been working very hard on putting this idea together and bringing it market. The new Stratagraph Wellbore Placement service promises to be transformative to the industry. Our energy industry thrives on new ideas, new technology, and improved efficiencies…which I think the service side has been lacking for quite some time. Our goal here at Stratagraph is, and always has been, to leverage our expertise alongside some of the most technologically advanced operating companies in the industry to provide reliable energy to the world…this has been our goal since my father founded the company in 1961, and I’m proud to present this package as a culmination of those ideas and goals. We are thrilled to partner with a great company in First Directional Rentals, and their proven and dependable platform, the Pilot Plus™.”

Bill Beattie, President of First Directional Rentals stated, “We are extremely excited to partner with the Stratagraph Group in this new venture.  While working with Mr. Hagan and his team over the last few months discussing the many benefits for the customer it became clear a package combination of this kind is a natural progression for improved wellbore placement. The Stratagraph team is a well-established group of professionals that understand the value a package of this nature offers. With decades of experience in every basin and the addition of FDR’s OEM products and service we are confident we can execute as a cohesive team delivering improved results for our clients.”

About Stratagraph:
As a pioneer of the geological service sector dating back to 1961, Stratagraph, Inc. is a diversified service company which provides a complete array of geological services. These services include, industry leading gas detection, efficient mud logging, accurate cutting and geochemical analysis, exceptional Geosteering, Production Chemicals, and much more. Stratagraph is proud of its immense experience throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, onshore, offshore, and major basins across America. We are on a mission to safely provide high quality, customized geological services to our global customer base, while maintaining the highest level of respect for each other and our clients. To find out more, visit

About First Directional Rentals:
First Directional Rentals mission is to provide Quality, Value, and Reliability in downhole drilling tools. As the new OEM for the Pilot MWD system, we look forward to supporting the present owners of Pilot systems, as well the future owners who want quality, value, and reliability in their MWD services. To find out more, visit

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