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Trendsetter Awarded Contract For Eastern Mediterranean Connectors And Structures

Houston, TX – Trendsetter Engineering Inc. is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a contract to provide Chevron Mediterranean Limited (CML) with an order of TC2 and TC16 Connection Systems along with multiple subsea manifold structures to assist in their Tamar expansion project. The equipment is slated for delivery in Q1 2024.

The Trendsetter Connection System (TCS) is a family of subsea connector solutions developed to meet industry needs for reliable, innovative connector products. The heart of the TCS is Trendsetter’s proprietary TEX metal-to-metal (MTM) gasket system. Trendsetter first introduced its subsea connector and TEX gasket technology to the industry in 2015. These include options from 2” through 20” nominal sizes, as well as multi‐bore, 400°F and 20,000 psi capabilities.

Trendsetter Engineering, Inc. is a privately-owned oil and gas service company based in Houston, Texas which provides specialized subsea hardware and offshore service solutions globally, from exploration drilling through abandonment.

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