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Well Done Foundation to be Featured on Smithsonian Channel on Sunday Night

At The Well Done Foundation, we are wrapping up another exciting and purpose-driven week in the field – plugging wells in Montana, quantifying methane emissions from orphaned wells in New Mexico, and moving wells through “The Well Done Process” in Pennsylvania and Louisiana. As always, we’re tackling our projects #onewellatatime.

The reward for another solid work week is coming on Sunday night, August 27, and we hope you’ll join us. Check out Smithsonian Channel’s “How Did They Fix That,” airing at 9 PM Eastern – where you’ll be able to follow Curtis Shuck, the Well Done Foundation team, and host Mike Davidson as they travel across the country to identify, measure, and plug orphaned wells. It’s reality TV worth watching!

We’re hosting a watch party, and we’d love for you to join us! We’re giving away some awesome WDF merch during the party, and the only way to win is to sign up.

Go to our website (www.welldonefoundation.org) and enter your email address to subscribe.

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